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The Society’s mission is to enable urologists in all nations, through international cooperation in education and research, to apply the highest standards of urological care to their patients. The SIU strives to position itself as a major international platform for sustainable urological education and collaborative humanitarian activities aimed at improving urological care.

The main goals initially identified by the founders of the SIU are still valid today:

  • to create and maintain the best possible conditions for communicating scientific information;
  • to promote both formal and informal contacts between national urological societies;
  • to foster cooperation between urologists from all parts of the world despite differences in material conditions, professional concerns and political views.

Notably, the now-annual SIU Congresses give members and colleagues from all nations a forum in which to meet and discuss professional topics in a spirit of collegiality and common purpose.

The SIU partners on a regular basis with the International Consultation on Urologic Disease (ICUD). The ICUD Consultations are later published and become essential references in international urology.

Although there are multiple national and regional urological societies, the SIU is uniquely international in vision, scope and structure, attributes it endeavours to maintain and develop.


The SIU is governed by a Board of Chairmen comprised of 23 urologists from 15 countries. Chairs are proposal by SIU Members to the Nominating Committee at least 1 month prior to Congress. After formal nomination by Nominating Committee, they are approved and elected by the General Assembly.

The SIU has more than 4,000 individual members from more than 100 countries. Active members must be qualified urologists. Application for membership requires sponsorship by one Active Member of the Society in good standing, and proof of Board Certification. To apply for membership, see the "Membership" section of this website.

Each chapter elects a National Delegate to represent its interests within the Society, and all are members of the SIU Committee of National Delegates. To find the name of your National Delegate, query the "National Delegates" section of this website.

Affiliated Societies

At the 2006 Congress in Cape Town, the Society approved the concept of "Affiliated Societies of the SIU" and incorporated the relevant criteria in its Bylaws. An Affiliated Society is able to hold a general meeting in conjunction with the World Congress and under the auspices of the SIU, benefitting from existing infrastructures and attracting attendees from the international community. To date, three societies have Affiliate Status:

For information on Affiliate Society status, contact the SIU Central Office.

AGENDA Upcoming Events
January 23-24
Bladder and Upper Urinary Tract Minimally Invasive Surgery Course
January 29-31
Semi-Live 2015
February 5-7
Global Congress on Prostate Cancer
February 23 - 27
Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) 2015 Annual Surgical Workshop and Scientific Conference
February 26
Urological Anatomy for Surgery
March 8 - 10
Robotic Urology Training Course
March 21-23
16th International Meeting of the European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN)
March 25-26
Optimising Prostate Cancer Diagnostics
April 23-26
11th National Turkish Endourology Congress
April 24-25
Tenth European International Kidney Cancer Symposium
June 9 - 13
40th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Gynecological Association
June 27-30
CUA 70th Annual Meeting
October 15-18
35th SIU Congress
July 21-24
14th Urological Association of Asia Congress 2016

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